A Note From Your Queen’s Garden

Hello readers.  Welcome.  Please, roll up your sleeves and put on your sunscreen:  we are about to take a busman’s holiday in an old Queen’s Garden.  And don’t be afraid to get dirty!  We aren’t afraid of a little grit under the nails in this garden patch.  So, come, dear reader, walk with me.  You won’t know what you might stumble upon until we are there, but here’s what I can promise you:  some solid gardening advice, a whole lot of poignant reminiscences, and my own occasionally strident political opinion.  All delivered to you with (hopefully) some humor.  Join me, one queen just a little long in the tooth.  Hold my hand and together let’s walk this garden path.

1 thought on “A Note From Your Queen’s Garden

  1. a casual summer’s stroll thru the old Queen’s Garden……it was easier reading this than getting down on all fours to weed my OWN herb garden!!!!!!…and with less SWEAT!!!!
    I look forward to our next ‘stroll’
    ~Crazy Mountain Myke

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